Telephone sales – SEO & PPC Call tracking December 18, 2009

For small and medium-size businesses that are dependent on their telephone activity to generate revenue there are no excuses for not tracking the calls. When you engage in online marketing through various channels such as SEO, PPC and social media you need to be able to identify your income source.

Social Media Ltd is proud to introduce call tracking services focused on SEO & PPC campaigns. Stop losing track of your sales once the consumer picks up the phone, and use simple software that measures in detail where the call came from, if it was answered and how long it lasted for. Other features include sales and lead tracking as well as call recording, a powerful training tool for those in call centers. You can see the locations of the callers, their telephone number and how many times they called.

You can track a source such as a website, PPC activity down to adgroup and keyword as well as direct and SEO traffic (split or grouped for all engines).

A simple interface that anyone can login to, provides comprehensive, yet simple data,  to show you which campaigns or even keywords are driving the calls. Although the software is perfect for the SME market blue-chip organisations with larger budgets could also benefit.

Call tracking functionality is hardly something new, however this latest tool on offer is simple, easy to read and to interpret. Try Call-Track today and start making the right decisions for your online marketing.

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    11 November 2010 at 17:51
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  • 'Call Track' sounds like a really interesting initiative. It is a definite step forward if it truly succeeds in providing valuable information for SEO&PPC campaigns.

    Oscar Del Santo

    12 December 2009 at 15:18