Business Gift Idea – A Mobile Website November 28, 2014

Business giftsOne of the best presents you could possibly buy for your business this Christmas is a mobile phone compatible site.

Internet users in the UK buy things using their mobile phones more than in any other country in Europe.  32% report making purchases on a monthly basis using their phones.  Researching products and shopping around on mobiles is even more popular with 68% of UK residents owning internet enabled phones.

With this many people accessing the internet on their phones, it should be easy to see why a mobile phone friendly website is the best present you can buy for your business this Christmas.

Have you seen how many people are glued to their phones on public transport?  Whatever the nature of your business, from shows to showers, from tiles to training, someone somewhere is searching for your products or services on a mobile phone.  If your site is not easily accessible on a mobile phone then you are missing out on potential sales.

Creating sites for mobiles isn’t the scary complicated process it used to be either.  Thanks to the wonders of responsive web design, modern websites automatically adjust to the device they are being viewed on.  That means that you don’t have to have lots of different sites to cope with smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  You just have one clever site that reconfigures itself depending on how it is accessed.

One of our clients, The Angel Laser Clinic, had an outdated website that we modernised to a stylistically consistent, responsive site and it now generates 15% more leads with a 9% improvement in the conversion rate (that is the number of visitors to the site who went on to make an enquiry).

All the sites we design are responsive so work perfectly well on any device whether it is a smart phone or a desktop computer.  Therefore, having a mobile enabled website is not only essential to your business, it is now really simple and easy to get one.

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