COVID-19: Can Your Business Stop? April 8, 2020

If there was a time to get creative, it is right now. Never had businesses more of a need to develop lighting fast strategies to adapt in such a harsh economic climate, a time when it is extremely difficult to generate any form of revenue for a large portion of businesses.

What to do?

A few have opted to stop, and see what happens. But we all know that stopping in business, was never an option. Whether you are developing survival strategies, trying to stay in touch with your customer base or contribute with positive energy to the pandemic, are choices each business has to make individually. Stopping on the other hand, will place you directly in a disadvantage in possibly all scenarios.

What happens when you stop


Search engine optimisation is notoriously known for being a slow-burner. So whilst good rankings are slow to come, similarly, SEO traffic reductions do not appear immediately, but start to show after 2-3 months. So the advice here is perhaps to tone down your campaign if you cannot afford to continue. Stopping could have very negative effects.


It is arguably the one marketing channel that would justify a pause. Stopping PPC perhaps has the lowest risk factor and it would be one of the more justified business decisions. However, you have to consider that a lot of competitors have switched to an online/streaming/remote service of some sort. And for those services, PPC is very much still relevant and increasingly competitive.

Social Media

Losing touch with your customers is a risky approach. And whilst we are all hoping that things get back to normal soon, we do not know the length of the adjustment period or how long it will take to find a cure for this terrible disease tormenting the planet. So a well-thought social media strategy is critical to continue any kind of sense of normality. We have to remember that the average social media needs of every user have drastically increased with so much time at home and little alternative entertainment. So if anything, it is a period to boost, rather than reduce social media activity.

Email Marketing

Newsletters are another critical necessity to stay connected with your loyal customers. It is important at these times to appeal to emotion but to also offer lighthearted messages, as most people feel anxious and are literally isolated using mostly digital communications to stay in touch with the outside world.


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