5 Benefits of Marketing Automation July 2, 2020

Marketing Automation

As the benefits of marketing automation are becoming clearer to more and more businesses, we take a closer look into the mechanics behind the science. So why have so many brands opted for marketing automation to help them build a following and awareness in social media?

1. Automation saves budget

Having the ability to automate many of your social media processes including cross-posting in multiple social networks is invaluable for saving budget. The savings can come both from ad spend and in terms of salaries for the human resources needed to execute the same tasks. 👌

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2. Automated communications work 24/7

With automation, you no longer need to worry about leaving your social media channels unattended. Automation will work 24 hours per day, seven days per week to help you gain more influence for your business. Even the most resource-rich companies do not have employees working overnight. This really is a feature that takes your business to the next level. Because automation works even when you sleep. 😴

3. Automation increases your reach

By automating many processes it means you do not have to rely on yourself or your staff to constantly engage and improve performance. The constant and consistent activity that marketing automation offers, ensures that you can increase your marketing reach exponentially with less effort than before.

This is especially the case when you start covering social media channels that you normally would not have the time to focus on. This gives the unique opportunity not to only engage new audiences but to also create cross-channel following. 😎


4. Building followers faster

Many advanced processes in marketing automation are built to help you to grow your social following faster and easier. Automation does not only speed up gaining followers. It also helps save precious advertising budget by actively reducing your follower acquisition costs. So two in one really. 👍

5. Automation can bring direct business

Smartly automating processes can help you not only gain more followers and reach. Cleverly set-up marketing automation make a business appear more engaged and more responsive, increasing visibility and consumer trust. A higher level of consumer trust usually translates to more direct enquiries and sales. Keeping you and your bank manager happy. 🤑



Marketing automation is revolutionising marketing practices. Once seen as a SPAM practice automation has turned a corner and with the help of expert tools, it can deliver value, following and sales, when used to maximum ability. If you want to be an early adopter and get ahead of the curve, get in touch with one of our experts or have a look at our automation packages online.

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