Men – The New Cosmetic Industry December 29, 2014

menbeatyindustryAccording to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, men make up 10% of the total number of people undergoing cosmetic surgery this year and this figure is rising.  A recent survey conducted on behalf of Lastminute.com revealed that one in three men would describe themselves as vain and, as such, more and more are having regular beauty treatments to make the most of their looks.  Many companies providing beauty services are starting to exploit this new market but examining some of the motivations behind this new trend could hold the key to capitalising on it.

The Daily Mail presented a possible reason for more people of both sexes wanting to improve their appearance by reporting some research by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.  They discovered that one in three plastic surgeons surveyed had experienced patients asking them for surgery to improve their ‘selfies’.  Some had even explained what they wanted by showing the surgeons pictures of themselves on their mobile phones.  Surgeons in the US have seen a 10% rise in the number of nose jobs from 2012 to 2013 and a 7% rise in hair transplant procedures.  This has been attributed by some to the increased popularity of social networking amongst a wide range of age groups and particularly of picture based platforms like Instagram.  As such, social media marketing is good tactic to use when promoting beauty products and services online.

Wanting to make a good impression in person also seems to be a major factor in influencing men to undergo beauty treatments or cosmetic surgery.  Lastminute.com’s report revealed that 14% of the men surveyed said they would have treatments before a job interview or important meetings while one in ten said they would do so before a date.  Clearly, men are feeling under pressure to look well groomed in certain situations and are aware of the effect looking good can have.  It is a well-documented fact that people who are deemed attractive earn more money than those deemed unattractive and some employers demand a well groomed look to maintain the professional image of their company.  Looking younger is also a good career move for many men as employers associate a youthful look with virility, energy and being ‘up to date’.  Therefore, promoting these benefits to the male population is a good way of marketing beauty services.

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Research has also shown that the media inspires men to improve their looks.  Dr Brent Moelleken points to the recent popularity of superhero films featuring very muscular characters such as Captain America, Thor and Wolverine to account for many men turning to cosmetic surgery to improve their physiques.  The Daily Mail also reports that the male celebrities with the most desirable looks for men are David Beckham, George Clooney and Brad Pitt, in that order.  David Beckham is particularly famous for being well groomed and, although none of these men are particularly young, they are all notorious for looking good for their ages.  Using these celebrities and characters as examples of certain looks which could be achieved through beauty treatments or surgery is a useful marketing idea, particularly on social networks.

Looking at what inspires men to undergo beauty treatments or cosmetic surgery is an excellent place to start when planning a marketing strategy.  If social media is a factor in prompting people to take up these services then it makes sense that this is a good place to promote them.  In addition, if looking good is proven to be helpful for men’s careers then this is a benefit that needs to be sold.  Finally, if men want to look like certain celebrities then giving them ideas on how they can achieve those looks is another way to encourage them to invest in these services and products.  Using blog posts and social media is a great way of raising awareness of the benefits of a product and, at Social Media, we have extensive experience in doing precisely this for the beauty and healthcare industry.

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