Letsgo2 Case Study

The opportunity

Letsgo2 was already an established provider of long-haul package holidays in the UK when we started working together. In an extremely competitive and crowded market Letsgo2 had a unique opportunity to grow its market share and dominate certain travel destinations such as the Middle East.

The methodology

Social Media Ltd. combined existing deep knowledge of the travel industry with a bespoke long-haul holiday market analysis. This resulted into a long list of actions to be taken on the website, in the form of structure and content as well as the authority aspect which was suffering from SPAM. A number of initiatives were mapped out with estimates and in-depth calculations and progressed to implementation.

The results

The initial success was when we improved the quality of the SEO traffic, converting at a higher rate by a number of on-page adjustments. These ‘quick wins’ gave us a platform to consistently beat expectations over the course of 3.5 years.

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