Adwords Review

adwordsreview-imgIf you are already running pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google AdWords, then our experts can cast their specialist eye over them to see where they can be optimised to bring in the most sales. Most campaigns we review have between a 30%-80% budget wastage on terms that are not relevant to their business. As a result of our reviews retail businesses have seen direct sales grow by at least 30% and lead-based operations have seen increases on 50% and above.

Our analysts have extensive experience in running Google Adwords adverts across a wide range of sectors and adopt a very detailed and thoroughly researched approach when reviewing clients’ campaigns.

At the initial consultation phase, we establish exactly what you would like to achieve with your PPC strategy.  Some clients have stated that they want to boost sales of a certain product, or target a new segment of the market or geographical location, promote a new service or grow their business all round.  We can review your current Adwords strategy to see how effective it is in terms of achieving these goals.

Looking at your adverts, we don’t just check a few keywords and see how the main Ad groups are performing; we analyse every aspect of your campaign in detail to see which changes can make a big difference.  Taking your target market, budget, location, nature of business, industry and products/services into consideration, we examine how your PPC adverts can be tweaked to drive potential customers, not time wasters, to your website.

Our PPC experts look at details such as the actual wording of the adverts, the geographical locations being targeted, if the ads are appearing at the best times of the day, the keywords and negative keywords being used and the landing pages they point to.  At Social Media, we don’t rely on software to review PPC campaigns.  Your strategy is examined by a real person with real knowledge and experience of the industry who can decide if all these elements are performing to their maximum potential.

Even if you are happy with the way your Adwords strategy is running, it is always worth reviewing to see if it could do even more.  When we want to get the very best out of our campaigns here at Social Media, our PPC experts ask each other to review their work to see if a new pair of eyes can spot opportunities to increase conversions (visitors to the website that make an enquiry or buy something) and reduce spend.

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