Competitor Analysis

competitoranalysis-imgAnalysing competitors’ websites is an integral part of the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) process. As over half of searchers on Google click on the first links appearing at the top of the page, if other websites are ranking more highly than yours for the most relevant search terms then it is essential to find out why. This will enable us to improve your website so it ranks above the competition.

Identifying keywords is another fundamental element of SEO but it also plays an important part in recognising who your key combatants are for the top listings on Google. This is crucial because there is no sense in worrying about other websites if they are not ranking higher than you for the searches your prospective customers are most commonly making.

Once we have the list of the websites listing higher than yours for the most popular keywords, we can establish an exact strategy to make sure your website appears above your competitors. Gleaning this information will allow us to see how your site will need to be improved to match them.

Furthermore, we take into consideration additional factors in order to establish your competitors’ ‘domain authority’, including:

  • The age of the domain (how long the website has been established for)
  • The number of websites linking to it
  • Content

Taking all these facets into consideration allows us to determine what areas of your website or online presence will need improving. As we continually monitor how well your website is ranking, we will notice if one of your competitors has taken your position for a certain keyword over a period of time and make changes to our SEO strategy accordingly.

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