Flickr Marketing Campaign

lickr-imgFlickr is the most visited photo-sharing social network on the Internet. It’s an increasingly important platform for B2C and B2B marketing. Covering a vast range of industries. Flickr is a visual communication channel and affects brand reputation by enhancing the public’s image of your product. Its an indirect advertising medium as well as a novel way to engage with consumers.

Social Media Ltd advises on Flickr campaigns, with a focus on a results-driven performance that ensures success. We hone pictures, build interaction via participation marketing and analyse the success of information sharing and brand reinforcement.

We place focus on creative thinking alongside an analytical approach. Detailed execution and results monitoring (using metrics like click-throughs, friends, interaction) will help your company reach it’s desired goals. We also follow Flickr’s best-practice guidelines safeguarding your company from incurring any penalties.

We’ve 4 years of operation experience on Flickr and our account managers can deliver campaigns to exceptional standards.

We also offer similar services for important networks include Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.

  • Why Advertise through Flickr?

    Many of your competitors might already be marketing on Flickr. Photo-sharing is very successful in communicating product attributes. Do your research and get our expert account managers on board for best results.

    Let us deliver a successful social media campaign.

  • Social Media Flickr approach

    There are various packages from account optimisation and group administration to complete account management, including sourcing content and posting. We cater for SME’s as well as corporate accounts so please contact us to hear more about pricing and service features.

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