7 Ways Google Analytics Can Help Your Business September 28, 2020

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important and useful tools in online marketing, which is still FREE. It offers a plethora of features that enable marketers and business owners to measure and evaluate website performance fairly accurately.

We have compiled a basic list of areas where Google Analytics can add value for your business.

1 Site Speed

Site speed reporting enables teams to spot issues with the websites ability to load fast enough for users. Once an issue is spotted, work can commence to fix it, finding a solution that is unlikely to lead back to the same issue in the future.

2 Detect Traffic Trends

Finding out when your customers are at their busiest and when at their quietest can give you significant inspiration. It can help with the questions of ‘how’ and ‘when’ when running your marketing initiatives.

3 Identify Key Pages

When you discover the strongest and the weakest pages in terms of a variety of metrics you gain a deeper understanding of your content. You can then make changes that change the trends, helping your customers navigate the site better.

4 Spot Failure Points

Being able to find pages and features that create problems for users is a key feature of optimisation. By fixing those pain points you can increase usage. With increased website usage follow more positive outcomes, such as more visitors converting to customers than before.

5 Improve Usability

Google Analytics provides a number of metrics that are aimed at measuring consumer satisfaction. When a user is satisfied, they usually take the expected next step in our sales funnel. If they are not satisfied they exit to a different page than the one anticipated. They do that because the information on the previous page, was not sufficient enough to lead them to the next logical step. Going back to this page and amending it can make all the difference between a conversion or an opportunity lost.

6 Increase Traffic

The reports available can easily highlight pages popular in organic search and pages that are not ranking. By locating your lowest performance pages and making changes, you can drastically change the course of your SEO campaign. Google Analytics offers depth in data in this area, so taking advantage is a must.

7 Gain Insight

Hindsight is pretty useless in business. But insight is invaluable. Google Analytics offers a multitude of reports that can create a ‘story’ behind which sit your customers. Existing and potential. Understanding their behaviour on your website, can lead to thoughts about making changes to the business. Analysing traffic trends and consumer demand via web usage can offer invaluable lessons when trying to create new products and services.

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