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About Pay Per Click

PPC or Pay Per Click (often referred to as PPC advertising or Pay Per Click marketing) is the process of buying keywords or phrases relevant to your company in a Paid Search platform such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.
The instant results that PPC can produce for a business make it such an attractive marketing channel minimising the period from investment to profit for start ups and increasing revenue fast for established companies. The ability to target users at certain times of the day in particular postcodes and with customised messages adds to the value of the channels ability to drive offers and emergency bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between PPC & SEO?

PPC are the ads in the top 4 positions of a Google search result page. Companies are bidding in an auction system on keywords which determines their ranking in this section. SEO are the 10 results which appear below the top 4 ad positions.

How long does it take to see results?

PPC gives your business instant visibility on Google’s search results page. Our specialist agency consultants can get your account up and running in less than a week for a small extra fee as the account set-up process normally takes up to 2 weeks. Once ads are launched, expect to see relevant traffic and enquiries (depending on website performance) within hours to a few days.

Are the results measurable?

Measurable results are at the core of what we do. Whether you are selling a product or service, we are able to measure your return on investment. Not only can we measure total R.O.I., we can also tell you which products or services are profitable online. Using our bespoke agency tools, we optimise the campaign accordingly and maximise your profit.

Social Media has been working on our PPC account for several months and since taking on, they have managed to reduce our costs and increase traffic.They take a hands-on approach and offer a reliable and cost-effective service.

- Greg Olszowski, Marketing Director, Voyage Prive

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PPC Process

Account set up

Qualified leads


ROI Measurement

The most important step of the process. It involves learning about your business & industry as well as creating the account structure, keyword research, ad copy writing & much more...
Once the account is set up and started we keep a very close eye on the quality of traffic coming through to the website to ensure we gain the qualified leads needed to reach your goals.
This ongoing process is the main bulk of our work, once the campaign is set up. It includes bid management, ad reviews, ad scheduling, heat map analysis & budget management amongst others.
This measures the return on your advertising spend and is critical for the success of a campaign. Once this is measured we are able to go back to the optimisation step and work on maximising the ROI.

PPC Features



Did you know that PPC can be used to supply multiple ROI calculations based on the campaign structure?



Cost Per Acquisition - how much it costs to acquire a pre-set goal (eg. phone call / email enquiry).

Quality Score
Quality Score

Quality Score

A key metric in all PPC campaigns which has a big influence on what position you appear in.



The quality (not quantity) of traffic is the key to PPC, resulting quality leads in order to reach your goals.

Why Social Media Ltd

Being a London-based agency means that we are right in the middle of the technological buzz. We handle Google AdWords & Bing Ads accounts for companies across many industry sectors. Our PPC agency team has gained experience through running various local, national & international campaigns. You can trust us to deliver results for you as we have for so many others since 2007.