Most Popular Social Networks in the UK

A list of the best social networking websites in the UK for 2019 with a proven track record in offering a high return on investment for your business products and/or services. We will be updating this list quarterly based on market as well as our own agency-generated data.

DescriptionUK UsersTotal UsersUseful information
Facebook:A social sharing networking site.32,000,0001.65 billion
83.6% of Facebook’s daily active users live outside the U.S. and Canada.
YouTube:The top website used for video uploading and viewing.19,100,0001,300,000,000
3.25 billion hours of Youtube videos are watched each month.
Twitter:A Micro-blogging platform.20,000,0001.3 billion
50% of users visit the website of a small or medium business they follow.
Instagram:A photo and video sharing social networking.14,000,000500,000,000
80 million photos are shared each day on Instagram. 14 million.
Google+:A social networking project used to connect with businesses and users.12,600,0002,200,000,000
74% of Google+ users are male.
Pinterest:A popular photo sharing website.10,300,000
92% of Pinterest users access it through their mobiles.
Snapchat:Send images and videos with a short life span over an app.13.6 million600,000,000
9,000 Snaps are shared each second on the app.
LinkedIn:B2B platform for networking professionally.19,000,000467 million
The most overused word on a LinkedIn profile is “Motivated”.
Tumblr:A popular microblogging platform used to broadcast messages.9,000,000
69% of Tumblr users are Millennials.
Reddit:An entertainment, social news and social networking website.6,600,0001.3 billion
The average time a Reddit user spends on the site is 16 minutes.
Vimeo:A video uploading and sharing website.412,085170,000,000
Vimeo gets 715 million monthly video views.
Vine:A mobile app used to record and share short, looping video clips.
1.5 billion vine loops are played daily.
Foursquare:A local search and discovery app.60,000,000
There are 1.3 million business pages on foursquare.
Flickr:An image hosting website used to showcase photography work.112,000,000
1 Million photos are shared daily on Flickr.
Periscope:Twitter's new live-streaming video app.10,000,000
350,000 hours of video is streamed daily on Periscope.
Bloglovin':A blogging platform used by bloggers to gain awareness.30,000,000

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