Most Popular Social Media Networks in the UK

A list of the best social media networking websites in the UK for 2021 with a proven track record in offering a high return on investment for your business products and/or services. We will be updating this list quarterly based on the market as well as our own agency-generated data. See our exclusive table for business networking here.

DescriptionUK UsersTotal UsersUseful information
Facebook:A social networking site that makes it easy to connect with family & friends onlin51,150,0002,890,000,000
Highest traffic occurs between 1-3pm, however more engagement can be found between 7-8pm
It is the #1 social network in the world.
YouTube:YouTube is the foremost website for long-form video content35,600,0002,290,000,000
1 billion hours of YouTube is watched daily
35% of the UK population actively use the website.
WhatsApp:A chat aplication that supports photo and video sharing features additionally to text mess30,100,0002,000,000,000
Available in 60 languages.
There are over 50 million WhatsApp Business users.
Instagram:A photo, video and live video sharing platform owned by Facebook28,810,0001,380,000,000
995 images are uploaded to Instagram every second.
33% of Instagram users are aged between 25 and 34.
Twitter:A Micro-blogging platform with a strict character count for posts17,550,000397,000,000
350,000 Tweets are posted every minute.
PS: The blue bird is called 'Larry'.
Tik Tok
Tik Tok:Video creation application allowing users to make 15-second long videos.17,300,000732,000,000
41% of TikTok users are aged between 16 and 24.
LinkedIn:B2B platform for networking.31,200,000740,000,000
Content creation on LinkedIn increases 60% year-on year.
LinkedIn Livestreams increased by 437% over the last year.
Snapchat:Images and video sharing chat application with built in timers on posts.19,800,000514,000,000
73% of Gen Zers are on Snapchat.
63% of users open the Snapchat app every day.
Tumblr:A micro-blogging platform, especially popular amongst young adults and women.7,000,000319,000,000
Tumblr is most popular among young adults: 13% of 18- to-29-year-olds said they used the service.
Reddit:Karma-based social networking platform featuring entertainment, sports & political posts.6,310,000430,000,000
Reddit is the 18th most visited site in the world.
Skype:Telecommunications application that provides video & voice calls via the Internet.300,000,000
The mobile app has been downloaded over 1 billion times
Pinterest:A visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home & style inspiration.10,300,000478,000,000
UK is ranked as the 5th country with an audience of 10.38 million users on Pinterest.
Flickr:Flickr is a photo-sharing platform & social network where users upload photos for others.112,000,000
Flickr offers 1TB of space for free.
Vimeo:A video sharing platform that includes features such as live-streaming & customization.412,085170,000,000
Vimeo is home to more than 60 million video creators.
Foursquare:The most trusted, independent location data platform for understanding how people move .50,000,000
Has more than 55 million monthly active users.
Medium:An online publishing platform.60,000,000
Medium was originally an invite-only application. it is now open to anyone.
F6S:A Startup community where Startups grow together through Startup Programs, Deals & Jobs.2,000,000
The F6S community includes 16,000 of the world's top corporates, governments, and startup programs.
Crunchbase:The leading destination for company insights from early-stage startups to the Fortune 1000150,000
Over 60 million annual visitors.

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