Most Popular Social Networks in the UK

A list of the best social networking websites in the UK for 2019 with a proven track record in offering a high return on investment for your business products and/or services. We will be updating this list quarterly based on market as well as our own agency-generated data.

DescriptionUK UsersTotal UsersUseful information
Facebook:A social sharing networking site.35,130,0002,417,000,000
Highest traffic occurs between 1-3pm, however more engagement can be found between 7-8pm
YouTube:The top website used for video uploading and viewing.23,000,0001,900,000,000
1 billion hours of Youtube are watched daily
WhatsApp:Platform that allows users to send text messages as well as voice and video calls.1,500,000,000
55 billion messages are sent each day on the platform
Instagram:A photo and video sharing social networking.14,000,0001,000,000,000
95 million posts are shared each day on Instagram
Twitter:A Micro-blogging platform.13,000,000883,000,000
Year-on-Year the total ad engagement rate was up to 91%
Snapchat:Send images and videos with a short life span over an app.16,200,000600,000,000
528,000 Snaps are shared every minute
LinkedIn:B2B platform for networking professionally.20,000,000590,000,000
More than 50% of all social traffic to B2B sites and blogs comes from LinkedIn
Tumblr:A popular microblogging platform used to broadcast messages.9,000,000550,000,000
45% of Tumblr's audience is people under the age of 35
Tik Tok
Tik Tok:App that allows users to create and share short videos.500000000
The total amount users have spent on the app reaches Β£50 million
Reddit:An entertainment, social news and social networking website.6,600,000330,000,000
The average time a Reddit user spends on the site is 16 minutes
Skype:Telecommunications application that provides video and voice calls via the Internet.300000000
The mobile app has been downloaded over 1 billion times
Pinterest:A popular photo sharing website.10,300,000266,000,000
50% of users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin on their feed
Flickr:An image hosting website used to showcase photography work.112,000,000
On a high traffic day, Flickr users upload around 25 million photos
Vimeo:A video uploading and sharing website.412,08580,000,000
Vimeo gets 715 million monthy video views
Foursquare:A local search and discovery app.60,000,000
50 million brands have used Foursquare at least once
Medium:An online publishing platform.60,000,000
70% of Medium users are under the age of 50
F6S:The largest platform for founders in the world.2,000,000
Currently there are over 22.000 startups registered on F6S
Crunchbase:A platform that stores information on private and public businesses.140,000
51.7% of visits come from the US, while 2.7% of visits come from the UK

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