Search Marketing Changes Online Pricing February 17, 2014

price-tagTraditionally retailers, high street & online, have been creating their pricing based on a model called “price ending” (aka psychological pricing). In a nutshell, the aim of a price such as £9.99 is to make customers ‘feel’ that the price is lower than it actually is (£9 instead of £10). And marketers the globe across, know this works in many cases.

However, pricing online is changing this practice due to consumer search behaviour. With people posing complex search queries by adding dates, product features, pricing etc, traditional retail pricing practices become less effective for marketing products.

Searchers (consumers) are now typing round numbers when searching for products e.g. “refrigerator £300” or “Ford Monteo £2000”, making psychological pricing irrelevant . There are plenty of examples of commonly priced products which searchers are targeting with rounded pricing.online-pricing

In conclusion, when determining online pricing remember that  the user is a lot more likely to type in ‘£10’ than ‘£9.99’ (with the exception of searching for an offer seen previously elsewhere). Therefore, its logical to adapt pricing policy to this  modern trend.

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