The strange world of corporate blogging January 29, 2008

Sephora is a large beauty retailer in fragrance, cosmetics and facial skin care products. The company is not so well known in all parts of the world but has a very strong presence in France, Canada, Italy and Spain as well as a noticeable presence in the United States, Greece, Poland and China.

For a company this size imagine how surprised I was to find their blog hosted on free platform Blogger (blog.sephora.com/). Although nicely designed, up to date and very well thought out overall, the blog is now ‘trapped’ in a free platform that is less flexible and has little potential to evolve. Furthermore Blogger’s ‘protective’ policy means that you cannot redirect or migrate easily away from.

Full points to Sephora for planning, executing and keeping communication lines with it’s customers. Bad choice of blog platform for the long run…

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2 Responses to The strange world of corporate blogging

  • What template do you use in your blog?


    1 January 2011 at 08:43
  • I think it's quite natural for companies to start out with Blogger when they're new to blogging, but if anything it simply illustrates the person behind it is new to blogging (not to mention there's an abundance of successful Blogger blogs). I used Blogger, then Typepad, and now I've finally gotten around to Wordpress (eventually realising I didn't have to spend all my time messing around with MySql databases).On a similar theme, check out my latest post on the Web 2.0 savvy Guardian's attempts at vlogging on Current TV.


    2 February 2008 at 18:57