Can online engagement with customer’s increase revenue? August 10, 2016

The luxury sector has recently seen a rise in customer in-store purchases thanks to digital personalisation. Digital personalisation is a marketing tool used to gather information based on individual customers and the footprints they leave in the digital world.

Having access to customer information gathered from different touch points of the customer’s journey is becoming increasingly valuable to companies. This allows a tailored, personal experience for the customer, meaning they would be more likely to stay on the site and therefore increasing sales. A correlation has recently emerged between digitally contactable customers and in-store spending. The digitally contactable customers account for 27% of in-store revenue and 73% of e-commerce revenue in the luxury sector, according to a study by ContactLab. This proves that businesses who use personalisation marketing get a clear advantage in boosting sales through the digital world.

Customers with a known digital presence can have a powerful influence on global brand sale revenues. This is where Social Media and brand interaction become incredibly important in helping to drive sales. Studies show that digitally contactable customers spend 20% more in-store than those who are simply just registered. This is a huge amount of customers who interact both online and in-store who are clearly having more engagement with the brand. The customers’ online activity is easily accessed thanks to the rise of e-commerce and digital engagement tools, providing companies with an even more accurate personal portrayal of their customers.
Numerous big brands have benefitted from personalisation marketing, with Waitrose having a 24% uplift in sales. Additionally, Marks and Spencer, Missguided and The Entertainer have all seen boosts in their sales.

Personalisation is vital for building a mutually beneficial relationship between a customer and a business. The business can target its audience more specifically, leading to a higher engagement rate. This way the customer will receive a more personal experience. Communicating effectively and being in tune with your customer’s digital footprint is a vital part of being successful both online and offline. With these new reports, it is proven that having a strong digital presence and personalisation marketing is highly important for brands and businesses to thrive. We can provide Social Media expertise for your business, delivering great results and helping to increase your sales.

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