10 Reasons you should hire a social media marketing agency December 15, 2021

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Are you contemplating enlisting the services of a social media marketing agency?

You may be thinking: ‘I can just do it myself!’. Sure, you can do it yourself but that will cut into your time and effort. Furthermore, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll be sinking resources and finances into areas and seeing no returns. And what’s worse is you won’t know why it’s happening. 

An experienced social media marketing agency is entirely and totally dedicated to achieving the results you want to see. Employing an agency’s services alleviates the stress that comes from trying to market in a noisy world and gets you bang for your buck. 

We have put together a list of reasons why hiring a social media marketing agency to manage your online presence can be one of the smartest and most efficient investments your organisation can make. 


Social media marketing is always evolving but the fundamentals take a ton of time, testing, troubleshooting and work to understand, wrangle and mould into something greater. When you hire a social media agency, you can rest assured that they come armed with all the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the field.

As mentioned, social media is always changing, so methods used to target social media have to keep up with the trends. Agencies understand these changes and can adapt far more quickly than if you have to split your focus and responsibilities. Social media is all they do! They are experts in the field, which allows you to focus on other areas of your business/organisation.


When you enlist the services of a social media marketing agency, you are bringing a whole team of professionals into your network and circle. You aren’t just asking an agency to run your social accounts, you are working with an SEO Expert, a Graphic Designer, a Copywriter, a Social Account Manager, a Paid Social Expert and much, much more. 


Social media management done without an agency can be rather expensive. Subscriptions for new software services, management tools and equipment can be a real financial sink. Working with an agency means having access to social account management tools, video editing software, photo editing software and even social media data insights that can help inform social campaigns. 


Social media management and maintenance takes time. And time is a big investment, especially if you are trying to run a brand/business at the same time. An expert team can work quickly and efficiently to keep your social presence constant, in-line with your brand’s core values and always appealing to your target audience. 


Often businesses opt for social media use because they’re competitors are doing the same, so they feel like they have to. This means they get into the field without any knowledge, goals or insights and fizzle into disaster as a result.

A social media marketing agency will hear and understand your goals and formulate a plan to achieve them. It is also important to remember that your goals should be focused on your own social presence and not your competitors. You may not want to drive sales but instead opt to grow an audience. Or you may want to focus on one region and not another. You may want to highlight certain products in place of other ones. Regardless of the goals, an agency will always maintain it as the focus. 


A social media agency will also help a brand to determine where the best places to market are. Through testing and research, you will be armed with data to tell you what platforms your audience are finding you on, what adverts appeal to them and even what internet influencers share your brand’s values and are open to collaboration. This self-assessment nature of social media agencies leads to larger and more engaged audiences/customers. 


Social media agencies will always keep you up to date with progress, tangible results and social media engagement. They will show you if your social media presence is growing and how it is having an effect on your business. Feedback and data like this can be so valuable in improving campaigns and focus for your company as a whole.


Social media agencies use natural and paid social media marketing to build dedicated communities. By curating and running social feeds expertly, they can keep your brand in the public’s thinking. If this process of audience building proves to be uber-successful, you may even start seeing user generated content advertising your products and brand, free of charge.


Agencies also know how to get the most out of your budget – they’ve been doing it forever! Agency experts will know how to structure and target campaigns across all social networks no matter how large or small the budget is. They will be able to adapt advertising to the finances and will offer options relevant to your investment. 


Often brands and companies can get trapped in their own bubbles. They will find it hard to see areas of improvement or services that can be overhauled. When dealing with social media presence, you may have an idea of what you want your brand to always say, do and act like online.

By collaborating with social media experts for a second opinion, you may find new invaluable advice for your business that a non-specialist would not have been able to see. 

In Conclusion

Social media allows brands to exponentially grow … if you know how to tame the beast. Social media marketing agencies can stimulate growth through targeted advertising and engaged social media use. 

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