8 Tips to grow your LinkedIn Company Page December 21, 2021

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When taking part in social media marketing, one can get lost in the minutia of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. However, you cannot ignore the rapidly-growing potential of a LinkedIn Company Page.

LinkedIn has been steadily growing its user base the past few years and now boasts a total of over 756 million users in more than 200 countries/territories worldwide. To ignore this massive pool of high-end and professional customers would be naïve. It is the perfect platform for stimulating both B2C and B2B trade.

So, how exactly do you grow your company’s presence on LinkedIn?

  • Make sure your profile is (fully) complete

Are you sure you have fully completed every single stage of the Company Page set up? If you haven’t, make sure this is the first thing you do because it is vital. In fact, LinkedIn states that Company Pages with complete profiles see more than 2x the visitors of incomplete profiles. The seven most important aspects of the profile that have to be filled are: the logo, company description, website URL, company size, industry, company type and location. 

If you are unsure if your profile is complete or incomplete, head over to your LinkedIn Company Page and select the ‘Overview’ tab. This can be found between the ‘Updates’ tab and ‘Analytics’ drop -down menu. This will take you to the company’s information page where you can update all the vital information very easily. 

Finally, make sure your company logo and cover image are both in high-resolution and that your ‘About Us’ section has the relevant information and projects the right tone. It is vital to fully complete your profile as it projects a legitimate and professional public image. 

  • Keep a consistent posting schedule

LinkedIn has revealed that a LinkedIn Company page that posts at least once per month will grow their follower count 6x faster than pages that don’t. Furthermore, the platform also suggests that you will see true growth once you pass the 150-follower count, with some stats saying you will pull in 5x more page views. 

Whilst LinkedIn states that a once-a-month posting schedule is sufficient, for fast and true growth, you should aim to post once or twice a week. This will ensure that your followers stay engaged and your brand stays in the public memory. To help you with your posting schedule, you can set up a calendar in LinkedIn or a social media management tool like Hootsuite. 

  • What content is shared on LinkedIn?

Many studies have shown that LinkedIn content performs well when it is informative and detailed. It must have a descriptive caption that expands on an image and provides extra context for your content. It must also feature eye-catching images that are clean and simple and stand out. To increase the posts’ visibility and reach new audiences, carefully select hashtags. And finally, don’t forget to populate your posts with emojis and questions and other elements that provide natural breaks.

  • Reuse content cleverly

If you are struggling for content ideas, it is recommended to reuse or re-share your most popular posts from the past. LinkedIn states that even your most popular posts will only have been seen by about 6% of your followers just because of how the social media algorithm works. This can be an amazing thing to hear, especially if you have a large backlog of social media content. 

  • Promote away from LinkedIn

LinkedIn marketing cannot be entirely successful on its own. One must also practice promotion away from the platform itself to see some growth on it. A coordinated effort across all of your social profiles will encourage consistent growth. Cross promotion can mean a variety of things. One example is linking your LinkedIn page at the bottom of every email. One common cross promotion method is adding a LinkedIn follow button to your website either as an embedded element or a floating one. 

  • Take part in topical conversations

We already know that hashtags can attract new audiences to your profile, but when you are taking part in topical conversations, remember to use hashtags to keep communities focused on your content. Hashtag your company’s name when talking in conversations to further the exposure of your brand and its’ name.

  • Analyse your competitors

With any project, it pays handsomely to analyse your competitors’ pages. Review what others are doing. See what’s working and what isn’t before you identify a unique position for you to post in. Don’t try to emulate what they’re doing! Instead, offer something new and fresh.

  • Respond to every comment

Not every comment deserves a reply. However, it is good practice to reply to every comment and question on your page and posts. This will help drive your feed’s visibility and encourage new followers as they see an engaging profile they want to interact with as well. Before long, you will have built a community.

In conclusion

Having a popular and engaged LinkedIn Company Page is so important for any business today. Even if you think your page is large enough, there are always opportunities for further growth and expansion. 

A social media marketing agency with SEO experts, graphic designers and content writers can help curate an engaging Company profile for you to stimulate both B2B and B2C business. 

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