Launching: WordPress stop word plugin August 17, 2016

Exciting times lie ahead here at Social Media Ltd. We have just launched our first WordPress Plugin! The plugin is called ‘WPCF7 Stop Word’ and the basic principle is to prevent form submission when custom predefined words are present.

WordPress plugins are created to increase functionality or add new features to your website. In turn, they will improve the performance of your site and make it a much more efficient and functional area.

We understand how frustrating it is to receive unwanted spam on your website. Inevitably, as your website grows in popularity, the level of spam will also increase. Receiving an influx of Viagra deals or get-rich-quick schemes instead of legitimate enquiries is annoying, and somewhat ironically, can seriously affect performance levels by skewing your website statistics.

The plugin is designed to reduce and ultimately prevent spam to your site by enabling stop words. This means that any spam containing specific words that have been blocked via the plugin will flag up. An error message will automatically appear and any further access will be denied.

Stopping spammers in their tracks by denying specific words is an effective solution to prevent them from spreading their junk. Spammers tend to use words and phrases that aren’t commonly used by legitimate users. This means the spammers can easily be spotted and denied from polluting your site by blocking certain words. Preventing spammers from using these words will result in a decrease of annoying spam to your website. There is no limit to how any stop words you can use, and they can be easily managed in the admin panel via the settings page.

With our stop word plugin, it will now be a lot easier to differentiate between the ham – the content you want to receive, and the spam – the annoying, unwanted messages.

If you are interested in adding the plugin to your website it is available to install and add to your site now!

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