Keyword Research

Conducting effective keyword research is the most important starting point for search engine optimisation (SEO). Making sure that your website is appearing on search engines when people search for your products/services is, obviously, what we are trying to achieve but this is impossible unless we know exactly which words people are typing in. Finding this out is only the start of the process, however.

At Social Media, we do not rely solely on keyword generating software to conduct research. Real human beings use their knowledge, experience and expertise to analyse the keywords that will give your business the best chance of appearing high in the rankings and attracting clicks from people who are genuinely interested in purchasing what you have to offer.

Monitoring which keywords people are typing into Google will not only help to drive traffic to your website, it can also alert companies to what their customers are really looking for, indicating any shifts in demand or market conditions, and thus, enabling them to provide the most sought after products and services in their sector.

By looking at the results of these searches, we can see which ones are most likely to result in a sale and make sure that our clients’ sites are optimised for those searches. In our experience, we have found that the more search terms (keywords) are specific and focused, the more likely the searcher is to make a purchase. Vague searches are often conducted by people who are researching a product or ‘shopping around’ whereas, if someone is searching for something in particular, it is likely that they know what they want and are looking for the best place to buy it.

Another advantage to finding niche and specific keywords, is the fact that large companies with big budgets will often take the top spots for the most common general keywords for your industry and attempting to compete with them for these search terms is often futile. Small and medium sized businesses are far better off finding keywords that are not dominating by big firms and ranking highly for those first.

This is where our extensive experience of working with small to mid-sized companies comes into its own: we have an excellent track record of finding the less obvious, but still widely searched for, terms and phrases that, not only drive traffic to your site, but also result in high quality enquiries that convert into sales.

Why Social Media For Keyword Research?




Link Development

Having a high number of good quality links is still the best way to achieve a good ranking position on search engines.

Content Plan

Before creating or updating a website, it is important to plan out exactly what content you are going to include.

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