Viral Marketing – Video Advertising

viral-imgVideo advertising content is becoming increasingly important as YouTube is the most visited site in the UK. This means that your prospective consumers are spending more time on video and photo sharing sites.

As part of our viral marketing package we offer video virals from conception to production and then promotion on sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, DailyMotion, Facebook, Digg and others.

Our experienced video production teams will deliver the idea, story boards and complete a shoot on time and within budget.

We also offer to film corporate and other informational videos and we also shoot online training clips as well as video training presentations. Use us to improve your branding both internally and externally.

The work carried out by Social Media in viral marketing has a structured approach of strategy, creative thought, analysis, close monitoring and implementation. The experience working with video sharing websites for a number of years has enabled us to help several companies to maximise their presence and create a viral buzz about their brands with highly effective ROI. The cost of a viral marketing campaign can vary but the basic packages still deliver outstanding value for the advertiser. Try our low cost video advertising solution and experience brand growth.

A View of the Future

As the ubiquity of social networking websites grow it will be more important to position services and products closer to users. There are a number of existing opportunities for video content and such possibilities are growing daily. Staying relevant in the video space requires great content and to be adaptable creatively without breaking the bank.

  • Why Social Media Viral Marketing?

    Social Media consultants are members of most of the important video sharing sites currently available. This provides us with a deeper understanding for the needs of users and great positioning available to companies. Using our existing networks and utilising your offering will be key in delivering results. In addition we are always closely monitoring trends and re-adjusting strategies to take advantage of new viral marketing opportunities.

    There is no room for complacency in the social media space but using our agency means that you can get on with other tasks, whilst you are being promoted.

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