Celebrating 16 Years of Digital Marketing Success

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Today, Social Media Ltd will celebrate its 16th year anniversary. A digital marketing agency, which started in the spare room of the founding director’s home in June 2007, has developed into an established, reputable, and leading social media agency in the UK.

Humble Beginnings

Coming from humble beginnings, the early success of Social Media Ltd is attributed to the original small but extremely dedicated team of 4 people. It later evolved into a much larger team of creatively tenacious experts. A pioneer in offering clients full visibility over performance data, costs, and return on investment (ROI), Social Media Ltd has built its reputation by leading clients to success consistently over the years.

Results Driven Marketing

The initial idea was to focus on results-driven digital marketing; a term that is currently commonly used to describe data-driven marketing campaigns. Ever since its inception, Social Media Ltd has championed performance data and measuring the return (ROI) of each marketing channel or campaign.

An Eye On The Future

Social Media continues to evolve as a company with an ever-growing international team, working from the 5 corners of the globe to deliver high-quality marketing services. Embracing the latest technologies has become part of the culture in the agency that hopes to continue it’s work long into the future.

Happy Birthday, Social Media Ltd.

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