Google’s own No1 generic rankings in Google Search

With Google services expanding I thought it would be a useful insight to list keywords that Google dominates with number 1 positions, both SEO and PPC  in it’s own results (for maximum impact try to read only the blue keywords first):


  1. Google Search – Search
  2. Google Docs – Documents, Document, Docs, Doc
  3. Webmaster Central – Webmasters, Webmaster
  4. Google Analytics – Analytic, Analytics
  5. Google Maps – Map, Maps
  6. Gooogle Images – Images, Image
  7. Google Finance – Finance
  8. Blogger – Blogs, Blog
  9. Google Translate – Translate, Translation
  10. Google Videos – Videos, Video, Vid
  11. Google Sites – Sites
  12. Google Groups – Group, Groups
  13. Google Alerts – Alerts, Alert
  14. Google Earth – Earth
  15. Google Code – Code
  16. Google Labs – Lab, Labs
  17. Google Desktop – Desktop, Desktop Download
  18. Google Talk – Talk
  19. Google Trends – Trends


  1. Local Business Centre – Business Directory, Local Business, Local Directory
  2. Google Translate – Translations
  3. Google Finance – Stocks, Stock Prices
  4. Google Videos – Videos
  5. YouTube – Videos
  6. Google Apps – Calendar, Calendars

Some unsuprisingly high rankings for generic keywords but most interestingly the bidding on terms such as ‘business directory’, which reminds me of the Google witch hunt against all directories, only to see Google very interested in that market.

You could argue that with a little meta-tag work, Google could dominate a huge part of it’s search, with what effectively becomes ‘recyclable’ traffic.

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