7 Complete Social Media Natural Disasters

social media disaster

We are living in a hyper-connected world where social media can make or break a business. One wrong post or poorly timed tweet can spark a social media disaster and damage your brand for years to come. That’s why companies must be vigilant when it comes to their social media posting processes.

It’s vital to regularly review all content before it’s posted. And not just for accuracy, but also to ensure it aligns with the brand’s tone of voice and values. When employees are trained on how to represent the brand on social media, it creates a safer space for your company. Always establish a clear social media policy to avoid issues.

Finally, don’t forget to monitor all channels for mentions or comments about your brand – and be ready to respond quickly and professionally – this can sometimes be the difference between a social media crisis and a quiet day at the office. With these tips, businesses can avoid social media disasters and instead use social media to benefit their brand.

Check out some hilarious examples below, where things did not go so well on social media. ?

1. Britney Spears’ lazy social media squad.


2. Being fashionably late doesn’t apply on Twitter.


3. When a fresh cut won’t save you from poor grammar.



4. The insensitivity & selfishness of using a natural disaster to promote a business.


5. This homeschooler who needs to be schooled.


6. Not thinking your language through.



7. Forgetting to sign out of your work account.


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