What is the best time to have a PPC Audit?

PPC Audit

PPC AuditPay Per Click is more of a science than an art, so you need great AdWords technicians and analytical people to oversee your account (alongside the creative minds). There are a few scenarios when a business should have an independent Google AdWords review:

1) If a campaign has started and it is not going to plan. If you have not seen any results from a new campaign within the first 3 months of its life then something is going horribly wrong. We suggest that you have that campaign independently checked.

2) A campaign that initially delivered, but it no longer does and there is no clear reason why. If you never had a pay-per-click campaign previously, it is easy to think that the initial boost in extra business will continue indefinitely. So whilst the initial enthusiasm and memory of results is still there, you can feel that business is dropping and the sales are not continuing. This is the time to have someone carrying out a PPC Audit to ensure that account maintenance is taking place as it should. In 90% of cases, there is large money wastage on irrelevant terms.

3) You are stuck. When running a mature campaign sometimes it is difficult to make the necessary drastic changes needed to improve performance. An independent review can give you the ammunition to make or request critical changes to improve your cost per sale or cost per enquiry. Whilst sometimes it is easy to make a campaign an initial success, fighting against rising cost per click and competition can put your ROI under pressure.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help rejuvenate your Google AdWords campaigns with an independent professional audit.

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