Remarketing ban for UK Cosmetic services

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Recently Google AdWords withdrew the option for cosmetic service companies including plastic surgery (surgical) as well as Botox-related treatments (non-surgical) to advertise through PPC remarketing (the process of showing your banners to users that have previously clicked on your ad, when they are visiting other websites). Whilst Remarketing might initially feel like ‘net stalking’ it quickly becomes apparent that it works very well as a reminder mechanism that helps the consumer take action on something they have already expressed interest in.


As one can imagine Google’s decision is a major blow to the industry which is now left with one less marketing option and significant loss of income. But before despair sets in, there is also some good news for the cosmetic treatments industry.

Social Media Ltd has had a long-standing relationship with 3rd party networks similar to Google AdWords which also perform remarketing independently on popular websites (including Facebook!) by collecting user data from your website and displaying reminder banners to those visitors. This means that you can now allow us to reuse your budget using these niche networks to execute the same activity with similar degrees of success as the principle remains the same.

Whilst we might not be able at first to deliver the volumes you previously had with Google, the quality is similar and you should expect an equivalent cost per sale. Get in touch with one of our account managers today and see how you can put your remarketing for cosmetic services back on track.

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